#421- Staysi and Dave...On The Run...


Hi everyone-

Hope every one is having a great day. To day I am continuing with Staysi and Dave and our shoot from Downtown Las Vegas last week.

In the first image they are running across Freemont Street for another photographer but I thought it was a cool candid shot of them.


Of course I had to add another cool image of the great shoes these guys had on. Dave's shoes had the wedding date embroidered on the sides in pink.


The last image for today is one of my favorite from the shoot. Staysi and Dave share a quite moment together between shoots. I was lucky enough to look up and catch it before they new anyone was looking!! Those are always the best images.

Have a great day !!



Larry J. Patrick said...

I love the contrast of the pink shoes and the tennis shoes. This is a wonderful shot that says so much without showing much. I wish that I had taken this one.
Good job, as always.