#422- Shooting In Downtown Vegas...


Hi everyone-

As we walked around the streets in the Freemont District you couldn't help but notice some of the very interesting people who hang out in the area. Some stopped and watched, some intereacted with us and some just passed on by as if nothing was going on. I think I would like to go Downtown and do some street photography in this area as i saw many interesting characters.

Today's first image is of Staysi and Dave in front of a very cool Vegas sign in that area. I thought it was cool because it kinda points at them and of course is very colorful.


After shooting this image we began walking down the street when this cool rockabilly style guy past by on his bike. I wasn't able to get a shot of him as he went by but we caught up with him at the corner as he had stopped to talk with some friends.

I thought he had a great look and a super cool bike. So I quickly snapped a few shots as he crossed the street and then we continued on our way.

Have a great Day!




Larry J. Patrick said...

Looks like you are still having fun in the city of sin. I like the guy on the bike. Both shots are interesting. Would not mind it, if you posted how you post processed these shots.
Keep having fun and keep the good ones coming.

Barry Armer said...

Great shots Brian!

The guy on the bike is a hoot! Good job spotting the photo op!