#426 - Red Velvet and Strong Shadows


Hi everyone-

Today I am posting two images that we shot this past week. The first was shot on an outside balcony with a red velvet blanket as a back drop.

This was a cool image to take because it took 5 people to pull off. Of course Beth and I and then Tonya was supporting me as I was standing on a chair with extra cushions added, and Crystal and Michelle were holding up the backdrop and supporting best who was leaning back at an odd angle for her.

It was funny because she was worried about falling backwards (about a foot to the ground) and I was standing basically at the rail level of the balcony with a 20 foot drop! But with the 50mm lens I needed the height to get the shot composed correctly.


The second image was shot right as we began shooting. We were playing around with how much light to let into the room and I was taking a few shots here and there to see what worked. I kinda like the dark feel of this image. But that's where I tend to go a lot if left up to me. I love shadows and moody images.


Hope you enjoy the images and as always your feedback is much appreciated.

Have a great day!