#426- Snow, Lions And Wedding Dresses...


Hi everyone-

Well it snowed here yesterday, a lot compared to the rest of the winter we've had. We got at least six inches. It's crazy that this is our biggest snow storm of the year. We'll there is still time for a real one to come through. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

It was funny on the Letterman show they did a clip with all of the newscasters from a bunch of channels saying some form of "March roarded in like a lion." I thought it was funny, it was like "Hey get the March script "lion" out, it's snowing!!" Everyone was saying the same things. Anyway...

In today's image we spread out the dress and had Beth lay back over it. It was shot by the window again but this time I was shooting from across the room with the 70-200 2.8 lens.

Because the day was heavy overcast we had to use some reflectors to bounce the light around a bit. We also tried with a flash but the results were not as soft. So we ended up with several reflectors as the best option .


I liked the image a lot as it was but of course I couldn't leave it alone so I decided to make an attempt at something a little different. Not necessarily aging the image but adding some elements to give it an advertising, couture kinda feel. As always I'd love to hear your feedback.


Have a great day!


Steve Schuenke said...

Beautiful image either way. If you're thinking about doing another video on textures and edges, this would be a great one to see behind the scenes. Love the edge treatment.

Steve said...

I see what you mean about the finger nails. Good reminder to think about those things when planning a shoot.

This certainly has a seductive feel to it and I wonder if that is what you were looking for here.

I am drawn to the fact that her face is the darkest part of the frame with so many highlights competing for attention. I do wish her eyes had a splash more light because that gaze IS the shot.

Cool man.

Woody said...

I like these Brian. Very nice...Hope your feeling better soon