#425- Building The Bridal Portfolio...


Hi everyone-

I hope you all had a great weekend.

I recently asked my sister to help me out with some bridal portraits to help build the portfolio in that area. Well we finally got around to getting some of those images shot. There are a few more ideas that I would like to shoot but we ran out of time and the weather was not really cooperating.


This week I'll be posting the images from our shoot. She was a good sport and braved a lot of cold and wind to get some of these shots done. Thanks Beth!!! Also thanks to Tonya, Crystal and Michelle for being my assistants!

Have a great week everyone!


Larry J. Patrick said...

Great use of depth of field. I like how simple it makes the whole photograph. You know exactly where to look. Good work.

Steve said...

You sure you two are related? Hmmm....
Love those eyes. Really beautiful.
I stared at this one for a while and found myself drawn to the hands and they seem really uptight. Is she protecting/hiding something? Waiting for her wedding night?
Sorry to be so crass.
I would have really liked this with her hands extending along the lines of her legs or something a bit delicate.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey guys-

Thanks for commenting on the image. I was using the 50mm 1.4 (nikon) lens for this. I love the depth of field of this lens.

The shot was created right next to a large window. I am actually standing on the window sill shooting down to Beth who was sitting on the floor.

Steve- You really picked up on something here! She actually was trying to hide her finger nails. She had on very dark nail polish and was concerned about how it might look in the image.

You can see the nail polish sneak in in some of the later images in the week.

Looking at the image now with that in mind I do see what you are saying. I will have to play around with some other hand positions the next time we shoot.

Thanks for your feedback guys!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Awesome shot BB. Love it. Magazine quality! Best, Bryan Allen

Melissa Martz said...

Great pix! Tell Bethany she is beautiful as always!

Smiles from Frostburg,
Missy Martz