#431- Creating Reality


Hi everyone-

I thought I'd take a little diversion today from what I have been posting to show something I have been working on for a few days.
I was asked to create a recruitment poster for The City of Harrisburg Bureau of Fire. Nothing special, 12x18 and get the info out.

So I thought about a lot of concepts, a few would require shooting new stuff, a few would compile various images from different things we do but none of the ideas really were that great. Well that's not really true, a few I liked but the logistics of creating the scenes made them impossible to pull off. At least with no budget and little time.

So I decided to look through the images I have shot with the Bureau over the last few years. I also decided to stick with something simple and visually catchy. I want the poster to catch some one's eye and pretty much draw them and get the message out all within that first glance.

I wanted an image of a firefighter that is somewhat iconic and easily recognizable. Yet it had to be simple and uncomplicated. I found the image that I liked but it lacked anything special. The moment, and the pose were OK but the over all feel of the image and the color didn't do it for me. Here is the original version of the image:


After narrowing down the overall concept for the poster I set out to transform the image to look more like I had imagined it would or should. A few hours later this is what I have come up with:


I was pretty happy with the results to this point. It was certainly one of my most involved image transformations yet. I am not sure if I am done, at least to my satisfaction, but I am running out of time to deliver the proof.

This image will basically make up the entire poster with some very catchy looking text and a cool slogan as well as all of the necessary small print that a city would add. Once it is approved I will post the finished product here.

Have a great day!


Barry Armer said...

Cool transformation Brian!

Should be a great recruiting tool for the city! Heck, I'm ready to sign up right now! :-)


Lt. Luzier said...

Unbelievable job !!
It's crazy how you are able to look at one image, and walk away with two different interpretations of what you just saw. I think that makes you a genius !! The first image it looks to me that he has gotten the job done and is going home. The second looks like he has to retreat with the task at hand being left uncompleted.
AMAZING JOB !!! Love your work !!