#432- Lazy Days...


Hi everyone-

I had mentioned yesterday that we had a pretty laid back weekend this week. Well I wasn't just talking about us. The queen of laid back was resting in the favorite spot like it was her job most of the weekend.

For those of you who stop by or spend any time at our house you're probably saying...where'd they get that dog!?! But she's not always crazy, just when you're over. This is really how she really spends most of her days.

She loves to sit at the window making sure that the cat, mailman, squirrels, passing dog and most definitely the UPS man do not get to close to the front of the house.


I always find it amazing how she hears and or smells everything way before I even have a clue. Are the kids walking down the street from school, is Tonya turning on to our street and of course is the UPS man within a 4 block radius? She knows.

I also love how when its someone she sees every day her growls are almost obligatory, but at the same time almost more of an effort to get out than they're worth. It's like, "I see you and I could get you if I wanted to and I want you to know that, but I just don't want to right now." (of course if she could talk)

The UPS man calls her "Killer" and was for a very long time very afraid to come into our yard. One day we were out back and I didn't hear him coming, well of course she did and she was off... By the time I caught up he was frozen in his tracks with fear oozing from every pore and she was on a dead run, I wasn't going to stop her, for that matter nothing was.

I thought, this is going to suck. Now keep in mind she has never harmed a soul nor ever really made any type of motion too. Except for safely behind the doors, walls and windows of our house when the UPS guy comes. So I didn't think anything would happen, but they have never not had something substantial between them.

I really thought he was going to poop in his pants. I was even starting to think that I might.

And then of course Tehya being the crazy but perfect dog that she is, jumped up and gave him more kisses than there is in Hershey.

If it was a movie, everyone who had been running in slow motion with those deep Noooooooooooooaaawwwwww voices would have been fast forwarded to a grinding stop while the sound of a needle screeching across a record would have been heard.

What!?! That's it? months and months of hate and growling and freaking out and throwing packages onto the porch and running, that was the build up for this? A love fest in the middle of the street like they were best friends separated at childhood??

I don't know who was more happy the UPS guy or me.

But just like groundhog day, as soon as the truck gets with 4 blocks shes on the prowl, hair on end, teeth showing saying come on give me a piece of 'em just a piece....

I love her!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Awesome portrait. You really caught the expression in her eyes. Great lighting.

Larry J. Patrick said...

Since you have published photos of wife, daughter and now dog, I can see why you are not very high in the pecking order at the Bastinelli household. Good expression and very good lighting.