#436- Jimmy


Hi everyone-

Hope you all had a great weekend. This was the second weekend in a row that we really didn't have a lot to do. Which is certainly a really nice change from the busy weekends we have been having.

We basically stayed close to home and on Sunday my family was down to celebrate Tonya's Birthday. So we went out to eat and then hung out at home playing her new Wii. Tooooo much fun!

On Saturday night I did run out to photograph a small fire in West York. The guys made quick work of the fire. It started to rain shortly after I got there so it was a quick shoot. I got there shot some of the action, talked to some friends and got out of dodge before getting to wet.

I was able to get a few nice portrait shots of some of the guys I know. In this shot Jimmy who was part of the Rapid Intervention Team was hanging out after throwing ladders, taking out windows and making sure the firefighters inside had good egress and the safest possible conditions to work in.


On Another Note... An image I shot a while back at a very smokey house fire not far from where I live was used in this months Fire Engineering magazine. It was used to illustrate a point in an article written by Sam Hittle a firefighter from the Wichita, KS Fire Department. Fire Engineering is the top fire service training journal in the US.

Have a great day!



Larry J. Patrick said...

Good environment portrait. I really like the contrast in look between the two fireman--one totally engaged, the totally not engaged in you taking their photo.