#435- Are You Looking At Me?


Hi everyone-

Hope you're all having a great weekend.

So all week my daughter's Ugly Doll was sitting on one of the chairs in my office. Each day while I sat at my desk the doll sat all alone in that big chair. Sitting, waiting, sitting, watching, sitting...You get the point.

What I thought was funny though was that it looks petrified. It started to remind me of when you, well not me of course, are sitting in front of the principals office for the first time. Waiting to be called in scared to death of what might happen next.

Will you get the paddle? (obviously I'm not that young) Will he yell? Will you have to stay after school?


So after looking at the doll all week I had to shoot some images of it.

Today Cree decided that a week in the chair was enough and he has been returned to general population, amoungst dolls, Mickeys, bears, bunnies, puppies and muppets. You would think a monster would rule the roost. But somehow I don't think a monster with a nerve problem is going to be doing a whole lot of ruling...Maybe the protective custody of my office was really the best place for him...

Have a great day!



Haney said...

That second picture cracks me up

Brian Bastinelli said...

I love Ugly Dolls in general but I love this guy. his name is Moxie.

The look on his face is priceless. There are so many funny scenarios that i can think of to shoot with this little guy.

You may see more of him down the road!

Larry J. Patrick said...

I am always amazed at how if you look at something just the right way, you realize there is a photo opportunity. Interesting photos.