#440 Magic Hour And The Grand Entry


Hi everyone-

Today's images were also shot at the North American Indian Days . I decided that i wanted to try out something a little different with the processing of these images. Most of the American Indian images that I have shot up to this point have been in color. That's because the colors in the clothing have been so beautiful and bold.

But I wanted to try something that might look a little more like it would have had the images been shot in the late 1800's. Something that might resemble an Edward Curtis image. He is probably my favorite western photographer from the period although there are a few others that rank right up there. You can see more of his work by clicking here.


These images were shot during the evening Grand Entry. So the light was low in the sky and was being partially blocked by the structure of the arena. This created a very cool light if you were sitting at just the right spot. Which I just happened to be!!


Have a Great Day!


Larry J. Patrick said...

I knew that you had taste, but your comments about Edwin Curtis prove. He may be one of the greatest American photographers of all time. I have read four different accounts of how he made his journey making the photos. I also have four of hit prints. They are the most valued prints I have.