#439 Stephen Small Salmon


Hi everyone-

As I was going through past images to get ready to send to Mpix I discovered a whole series of images that I had not posted from the North American Indian Days Pow Wow at Browning, Montana.

So today I am starting with an image that I shot of Stephen Small Salmon of Rownan, Montana. Several years ago I approached Stephen about shooting some images of him. He agreed and now each year I Know at least I look forward to our meetings as we spend at least as much time talking as we do shooting.


This image was processed almost entirely in Lightroom. However, after making my normal adjustments there and then playing with the saturation i moved the image to Photoshop to finish it out. There I played up the blurs created by the lens and adjusted the brightness of certain areas of the image.

This is a kind of newer way of processing images for me that I think I might play with some more. As I get it dialed in I'll pass on some tips on how to process an image for this type of look.

Have a great day!


Larry J. Patrick said...

Your camera position and angle help add to Stephen's stature--not that he needs it! I like your treatment here. It seems a little more restrained than some of your images. Again, I think it goes very well with the overall feel of the image. Good job.