#445 Welcome to Boston...


Hi everyone-

I drove up to Boston yesterday to attend the Photoshop World Conference. it was a uneventful but at times very slow ride up. I've actually driven to Indianapolis in less time, but that's what traffic will do for you.

I did get to stop and have a quick but nice lunch with my mom as I passed through the area.

After getting into town I took a walk around the Backbay area and grabbed a quick dinner. then a little more walking before heading in as it began to rain.

Today I'll be heading to the conference and the expo floor where several of my images are on display at the Mpix booth. I'll have some pics from my time at the show later on.

Here's the George Washington Bridge heading into New York City. This is one of my favorite bridges and it should be for eight bucks for about a minute or two of travel time!!! Seriously it is one of the great bridges in this country.


After getting to Boston I took a walk around the area and came across the quarters of Ladder 15 and Engine 33 on Boylston St. This is one for the coolest looking of the old fire stations out there.


After driving, eating and walking I was really happy to get to my room and turn in for the night....


Have a great day!