#452 Vegas Vic and His Girl Vicky...


Hi everyone-

While I was in Vegas I got to shoot to of it's most famous signs.

Located along Fremont Street Vegas Vic and his girl Vicky adorn positions across the street from each other. Vic is located on the historic Pioneer Club building and Vicky the Glitter Gulch Topless Club.

This couple is as much Vegas as anything else you might come across.


Vic arrived in Vegas in 1951 and has been a fixture ever since. He's changed his clothes a few times and even got a smaller hat in 1994 when the Fremont Street Experience was created. He has always been a man of few words, know to occasionally say "Howdy Partner". But in recent years has pretty much just kept to himself, he doesn't even wave anymore.

Even though he's quiet he still tells everyone about his favorite Durham Tobacco.


Vic's partner, Vegas Vicky sits just across the street atop the Glitter Gulch Topless Club. She's a bit of a racy girl but pretty quiet. She just uses her good looks and a knowing wink to lure in her clientele.

The Club, Glitter Gulch, was named after the slang term used by many for the Fremont Street area. Pretty clever when you think about what the club offers...

Have a great day!!!!!