#453 Chad


Hi everyone-

We woke up today with remnants of a bit of snow overnight. Nothing of any significance but I am holding on for the chance of one more good shot! I mowed the grass the other day and can't believe it's that time already. Now the list of outside things to do is growing and growing. One more snow would help to put that off just a bit longer.....

Enough for wishful thinking....

Today's image was shot back in February while in Las Vegas. This is Chad Fuller of Fuller Edge Photography in Calgary. He and his wife Erin were kind enough to model for us in the downtown area. They were a lot of fun and super models.

This image was shot against a white brick background along a motel in that area. I added a few layers of texture to remove the brick background and to age the image a bit. Then I added two borders in varying opacity's and finally converted the image to black and white. Lastly I added a bit more blur where it was needed.

Have a great day!



Larry J. Patrick said...

Interesting shot. It looks like a photo from the 1950's. I think your textures make it much more interesting. Good job.

Barry Armer said...

Cool shot Brian!

I like the post-processing a lot! After I looked at it for a while it occurred to me that it might work even better with the texture rotated to the same slant as Chad. Once I noticed the different slant I got a little dizzy. :-)