#457- Uh-oh, Baby's Got To Poop


Hi everyone-

Last week I had the great opportunity to photograph Cree while she was hard at work, well play, being a mommy. One of her favorite pass times is taking care of her babies. Since she has recently gone through potty training, her babies are too.

And man do they poop alot. Most days no sooner than she gets the new diaper on and BOOM, more poop. I bet some of you wished you could go like that...lol

Anyway, I quietly laid on my back with my head propped up against the wall out in the hallway while she carried on her motherly duties. It is so much fun to experience these little moments. She concentrated so hard on getting everything right and was very caring towards her baby, in her own way as you will see in today's images.

First we try the big girl potty:


But that doesn't seem to be working, so we'll switch to the little potty to see if that helps:


Yup, that did the trick! Bend over so I can clean your little butt:


Look Pop POOOOOOOP!!!!


Ok let's get this cleaned up:


Don't worry her legs are supposed to bend up to her face:


Ok let's take a look, did I get it all???


Ooooooooops, missed a spot:


Alright, how does this thing go:


There we go nice new diapie:


Got to make sure this thing is on good. Oh don't worry she's got a strong face and neck...


All done, now lets get this floor cleaned up...


This was so much fun. I love to watch Cree play and wonder what must be going on in that little mind. Man I wish my only job was playing all day! Oh wait, ummm never mind...LOL

Have a great day!


Woody said...

That's awesome Brian..I loved all the photos...

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks Woody!

a passion 'n frames said...

delightful and love the new look of your blog.... very nice works..and this series is pure delight!

Barry Armer said...

Great stream of photos Brian!

Love the compositions and B&W treatment!

Well done!