#470- Need a Job!? and New Music Monday...


HI everyone-

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was an unexpected free weekend for me which allowed me to spend a lot of time with my girls and to catch up on some stuff at home. It was a really nice weekend eve though it rained all day Sunday.

I have been working on several fire department related projects over the last few weeks. One of them has been completed and approved and will go to print this week. So I thought I might share it with everyone.

I used one of my images as the basis for this recruitment poster for the City Of Harrisburg, PA Bureau of Fire. I also used fire from another image I shot to create the text effect.



Sometimes things happen in strange ways. Sometimes you meet people and if you don't talk to them you may have missed an opportunity for something really cool to come out of your conversation. Yesterday was one of those days. I met a guy while at the Verizon store picking up my new phone.

Turns out he is the drummer for a Baltimore based band called Old Man Brown. He said I should check them out. So I did and I was really impressed with what I heard.

When I asked him what the genre was he said they play rock, blues soul and funk that really goes back to a time when musicians were out there creating their own original stuff and really stood out from the crowd.

From what I heard I think they have done just that themselves. Take a listen I think you will really like these guys if you like any of the above listed genres. Old Man Brown will be heading out shortly for a 2 month tour of Europe.

Here are some links to their music and click on their name to go to their website. Have a great day!!

Here is an mp3 from their website: Return


Haney said...

I noticed that the City's website header looked familiar, too.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Ya, there are a bunch of images that either I shot for the site or they used existing images.

I am working on creating a little PR campaign for the department as well but its going to take a bit of planning.

wefr15 said...


Really first class recruitment poster. Makes me want to go sign up but since I am and old fart that will not happen! I don't know what compensation you are receiving from the Department/City but I don't think a big professional firm could have produced such a great recruitment poster.

I really enjoy your site and photography.

Cincy Bill