#471- Grandpop


Hi everyone-

Today's image is of my grandpop who has always been a big influence on me. Over the years he has shown me how to live the right way. He has so much love for his family and does not hesitate to show it. And we can not wait for we can not wait for each chance we get to see him, which is not often enough.

This image was shot in Pittsburgh a few weekends ago. He was playing peek-a-boo with Cree while she was having her lunch. Cree loves her Nanu (Italian for great grandpop) and talks about him all the time.

I found this quote and thought it fit perfectly:

"A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart."

Have a great day!!



Barry Armer said...

Wow! Great quote and great shot Brian! Really nice composition and post-processing. Fantastic job of capturing your Grandpop's character as you described it!

Well done!

Larry J. Patrick said...

I recognize that pose, but have not photos of it since I am the one doing it. I know I often look like this while playing with my granddaughter. You did a great job capturing the moment. I really like your de-saturated colors, it really adds to the overall image.