#472 Will and Some Great Light...


Hi everyone-

So I am finally back to make another post. Sorry to those of you who check in everyday. It was a crazy week and I just didn't get images done nor did i really have the creativity juices flowing.

It has been so busy lately that my free moments have been spent with Tonya and Cree or sleeping. Plus i didn't really want to turn out crap just for the fact of posting an image, so I took a two day break. Hopefully you will understand and not come looking for me with pitch forks and torches.

So on to today's image...

I shot this yesterday while at work. It was shot in the front hallway of the firehouse. We have a center courtyard at the station that has glass walls on all sides. There are also curtains that have been there for more than 20 years, but that's another story...

Anyway, I was passing through the hall and I thought it might be a good spot to shoot a portrait. The wall on the opposite side of the hall from the glass is painted in a very light beige almost white color. the floor is light colored terrazzo and the ceiling is white drop ceiling.

So as the light came in to the hall it was basically reflected in all directions. We positioned the curtains to block light in some areas and allow it in others. Will was positioned just out of direct sunlight. Literally if he moved less than an inch forward his face would have been in direct sunlight.

So here's the image. If I didn't explain it well enough feel free to question me further.

Have a great day, weekend and Mother's Day!!!!



Barry Armer said...

I agree with you Brian: Great light!

Terrific portrait too! Love the casual pose.

Well done!