#481 Little Bighorn


Hi everybody-

I finally arrived in Montana yesterday and had sometime to look at some of the images that I shot while I was on my way out.

Since yesterday was my shortest drive I took the opportunity to stop at the Little Bighorn National Monument. I have been there a few times before but always take the chance to stop and visit again.

I arrived just after the monument opened and there were only a few people there and they were all in the visitors center. So I walked up to last stand hill and walked the trails completely alone.

It was really peaceful walking along the trail. I was able to walk and read all of the interpretive panels, take photographs and take in the views completely alone.

It was a great way to see the monument and reflect on the events which took place there.

"Wowasake kin slolyapo wowahwala he e" "Know the power that is peace" -Black Elk


Have a great day!