#495 New Client Galleries...


Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great weekend. We were in Pittsburgh for my cousin Erin's wedding.We hada great time.

While I'm on the road I occasionally do not have web access to make my daily posts and rarely do I make up a bunch of posts and have them auto post. It would make my life easier but I like to freshness of creating a new image and post each day.

So becuase I am posting from a little cabin in Wisconsin via my Blackberry I am unable to post a new image today.

But I wanted to take this opportunity to mention a new gallery sight that I am using for clients. It is set up so that you can either acess private galleries with a password or public galleries that I will soon be populating.

The cool part is you will be able to directly purchase images from the site. Check it out and let me know what you think. The adress is:


Have a great day!!!


Jan Klier said...

Nicely organized and cool images as always.

Client Galleries are an important feature, but personally I'm not a big fan of the order yourself type of sites. While it is great that they work while you're on the road, and you can usually upload your own custom pricing, it makes it much less personal. You forgo having that discussion with your client which ones they like, and actually do the sales process. You also don't have the ability to deliver the final product or include a little personal note. So it has pros and cons.


Brian Bastinelli said...


I definitely agree with your points. I think I have come to a compromise that will work for me.

For weddings the galleries will be used to sell additional images to family and friends.

The images will not be available on the net before meeting with the actual clients. They will see them and go over them with me before they are posted here.

The sales with the client will be done in person and final selects, albums etc will be done in person with me. Those images will be printed via a different vendor as well. They will then be delivered by me.

I am really looking to easily market to the friends family and guests of the weddings. For example the photo booth images are really easily handled this way.

As well I am going to test out some galleries with landscapes and what not to sell to distant clients.

Several photographers have had some good success with this.

I totally agree there are downsides. However it assists in automating some areas of the business that I am unable to the way that I would like to .

So we'll give it a whirl and see how it works out.

Thanks for your input though Jan, I really appreciate your insight and business sense.