#498- #10 at Blacktail


Hi everyone-

Today is day two for us in Yellowstone. The weather is perfect. Today it is only to be about 70. But it is very sunny and very comfortable. Yesterday we made our way into the park from Cody via the east entrance. Along the way we saw a fox, some bighorn sheep, two moose, elk and lots of bison.

Today's image was shot just east of the Blacktail Ponds area, very near the Lava Creek picnic area. I had seen three bulls in this general area a few weeks ago but a bit further east. As we traveled west I didn't think we were going to see them. But they were in their normal position, very near the road about 1/2 mile west of the ponds.

This big guy, one of the bigger ones I have seen this year in the park is tagged #10. I think that if I remember correct # 10 spent some time in Mammoth last fall.

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I know there is not a lot of sky in this image however it is pretty representative of the conditions we have had, severely clear. I am hoping to catch some great sunrises and sunsets on this trip to help with future Skywatch posts. Hopefully we'll get some weather moving in and some interesting clouds along the way.

Have a great day!