#497 Finally in Wyoming


Hi everyone-

After two days of driving we have arrived at our first set of destinations. After leaving Rapid City we drive to Sundance, Wyoming where we had lunch and then headed out to the Jackpot Ranch to see Dallas and his family and deliver some images.

It was great to catch up with the family. While we were there Cree had a chance to check out the horses which see reeeeeaaaally enjoyed. She was less than happy when we had to get back on the road.

After a very pretty ride through the mountains we arrived in Cody, WY where we stayed at the Irma Hotel. This was Buffalo Bill's original hotel. Its a great place to stay if you make it through the area.

Today we are exploring Cody and then moving onto Yellowstone.

Have a great day!






Barry Armer said...

I'm going to assume that your photos were a big hit with everyone in Jackpot!

It looks like you guys are really having a fun time on your trip! Buffalo Bill's hotel looks like it would be a fun place to stay!