#507 Learning Something Every Day...


Hi everyone-

Yesterday was a nearly perfect day here in Montana. The weather was cool and the sky was sunny. A few afternoon clouds and isolated storms created dramatic skies for a while. Then a cool evening with a nice sunset.

I picked up m friend Bryan (BA to some of you) at the airport in the late afternoon, we headed up to Choteau where got got situated and then had a nice dinner at the Elk Country Grill. After that we headed out towards the mountains for a drive to "see what we could see".

Along the way we stopped to check out an unobstructed view of the mountains. While we were there I saw this interesting looking fence set up. I have seen a ton of fences out here but never one that was like this.

Today we are heading up to Glacier National Park and will be shooting there for a few days as well as the North American Indian Days Powwow on the Blackfeet Nation. It should be a great time.

I'm not so sure of the Internet situation up there so I'll check it out and post if possible. If I can then the next post will be on Monday.

Have a great day!!