#515 Laura


Hi everyone-

The other day I did a shoot with Laura. We had a great time and Laura did a super job.

We shot a various locations around York. Although we thought we might get rained out a few time we did just fine.

I just started processing these images but here are a few of the stand outs thus far.

Have a great weekend!!






Barry Armer said...

Nice work Brian!

Lots of positives in this batch of photos. Great location selection, great post-processing, beautiful model, excellent posing!

Well done!

mkreider said...

You know just what you're doing don't you. Great work! I love the shot of the grain elevator at the bottom of this page.

Larry J. Patrick said...

I think you did good with this portrait shoot. You showed her in many different lights, which is what most girls seem to want. Your post processing is spot-on.

Good job.