#527 Nothing Will Ever Be The Same...


Hi everyone-

I am rounding out the thunderstorm shoot with Savanah and Shay today with something I think they're going to like. They're big fans of the movie Twilight, which was a big influence in this shoot, so I thought I'd up the game and make their very own Twilight poster.

In today's post there are three images. The SOOC raw image, the fully edited image and then the movie poster shot. The fully edited image took me about 3 hours to complete.

Its not that hard to create just very time consuming because of all the detail work that must go into it. I have a few presets that I have created or found that I like to use in Lightroom. Basically similar to an action in Photoshop, its a quick way to make a batch of images look the same with a file that tells the program what to make it look like. Thats probably not a great explanation.

So first I crop the iamge to what I like, then I clean it up. Remove dust, dirt, objects I don't like etc. Once that is done then I retouch the main subjects. That is the easy part.

The next step is what is time consuming. I basically do a few layers (at least) of local contrast enhancement. There is a ton of detail work to be done here so it takes a while.

Once that is done I play around with color and anything else I would like to change in the image. In this case I added lightning. Once that is done then I might have to go back and revisit some of the earlier steps again to blend the added elements nicely.

Once the editing is done I'll go back and look at it again and fix anything that doesn't look right, then I might add some textures or try to create an over all look or feel to the image. That could be another big project. but in these images it was pretty simple.

I hope that racks the surface of how these images were created.

Also today is the Skywatch Friday post so be sure to click the link and visit all the blogs for more great images involving the skies! Click here:----> SKYWATCH FRIDAY

Have a great day!

This is straight out of the camera:


This is the edited version:


And finally, the movie poster:



Barry Armer said...

Great job Brian!

Thanks for all the processing details! Now if I just had your creativity and computer skills I could do work like this!:-)

There must be Twilight poster contest on the net somewhere?


Deborah Godin said...

Neat series of shots; love the crazy lightning!

Sylvia K said...

Fantastic shots, beautiful young girls and the lightening is awesome!

Happy SWF!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool - I bet they loved it!
Good processing here. Nicely done!
Cheers, Klaus

clairz said...

Thank you so much for sharing, and for taking the time to give us all a technical explanation. Fantastic shot, fantastic work.

Vita Stunder said...

You are a shining star on my heaven -that's for sure!!!

This is STUNNING!!!
And I agree with Barry, it must be a Twilight poster contest on the net somewhere..
This is way more then brilliant!!

Have a great weekend!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Thank you for explaining all that. The original shot and the finished versions are fantastic!

Photo Cache said...

All I can say is WHOA!!!!

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Sweet... a terrific work of art for sure! Absolutely fun to see this.

indicaspecies said...

That's an interesting set of images, thanks for sharing these details.

J Bar said...

Sydney - City and Suburbs

Light and Voices said...

Beyond impressed!

Scotty Graham said...

Brian, great stuff here...glad to have bumped into your blog...will you add you to my blogroll if you don't mind....


Eric said...

Wow, very creative, love it, very well done!!!

I hope u getting some money with it, it is stunning!

Larry J. Patrick said...

What makes the final image for me is the de-saturated colors and the colors overall tone. It sets the mood for the entire photo. Good job.

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hi everyone-

Thank you so much for your great feedback. I am really glad you enjoyed the images.

They were a ton of fun to create!

Have a great day!