#528 Ending On A Bright Spot...


Hi everyone-

Thanks for all the feedback yesterday on the series of thunderstorm images. They were great fun to create and post. I thought since this week has had a series of dark images that I would end on a brighter more uplifting image of the girls.

This image was shot in the Priest Butte area just outside of town. There is a really cool old grain elevator, which you can see there and some railroad tracks and great scenery in any direction.

We shot these images around 3 in the afternoon and used a large scrim and a few reflectors to control the lighting. Post processing on this image was basically cleaning up the image, playing with local contrast, adjusting the colors and then adding the textures.

Hope you enjoy, have a great day and a better weekend!!



Larry J. Patrick said...

Great background for your subjects. It really makes them pop off the page. Really nice color combinations. Good job.

Barry Armer said...

More pro quality work Brian! Your lighting and composition are excellent and you did a great job capturing wonderful expressions by your subjects! And of course, great post-processing work as well!