#529 "Bisonart"


HI everyone-

Hope you all had a great weekend! I spent much of mine preparing files for printing and framing for the upcoming Yorkfest Arts Festival in just under two weeks. There is a ton to get ready, but it is always fun.

While I was going through some files I came across a few bison images that I liked but were missing something as straight photographs. So I set out to change them up a bit. I ended up "painting" them in photoshop and went from there.

I would love to hear what you think of the finished product!

Have a great day!



Larry J. Patrick said...

Your post processing has given the photo a painterly quality which adds to the look of the buffalo. Very nice job.

Bradley Myers said...

Awesome "B" when are you going to start teaching me a few things I can do with photos on these new fangled machines?

Brian Bastinelli said...

Hey Thanks for your feedback guys...

Brad- You have to be here long enough to weven see me first...lol

David Garait said...

Hi bryan,
I love this painting style and the frame works real fine with the image. That's an real good saving. Almost perfect...