#534 Aspen Dreams Series


HI everyone-

Hope you had a great weekend. Ours was a nice slow paced few days with nothing pressing to accomplish. So we spent most of the time together as a family not doing a whole heck of a lot for a change.

One thing we did was take Cree up to meet my parents half way to their house. We had dinner and then she went home with them for a few days. She was super excited to go. Us on the other hand were happy she was so looking forward to it, as were nanny and bunk, but we were a little sad as she was like "Bye" in that OK its really time you let me go kinda way...lol

I guess we'll have years to deal with that...lol

So, today's post is another in my Aspen Dreams series of images. It was shot this past fall while in Grand Teton National Park.
I was looking through some of the images for this coming weekends Yorkfest Art Festival and I came upon some images of last fall and it really got me in the mood for this years trip.

I can only go so long then I yearn for the crisp bite of the fall morning, the clean air and skies and the sounds of elk bugling echoing through the valleys. I can not wait to get out there!!

Have a great day!



Barry Armer said...

Beautiful abstract Brian!

It looks like a sunrise through a sheer curtain to me!

Well done!

Nick said...

Well done. Always liked this effect.

Larry J. Patrick said...

I have seen and have taken photos similar to this one many times. Regardless, I still really like how simple and how soothing they are. Good jov