#553 Destructive Beauty


Hi everyone-

Greetings from Jackson, WY and Grad Teton National Park! I would like to apologize for the lack of content lately, I have had little or no access to the internet over the last few days.

One of the major reasons for that was a perfect storm of events and conditions which left me confined to a small portion of Yellowstone. I could have gotten to my other destinations but it would have involved hundreds of miles of driving.

Today's images highlight one of the major reasons I was unable to travel through the park. The Arnica fire created a bit of havoc in the park. Started by lightning back on September 13th and really coming to life on the 23rd this fire grew quite large and effected many park services and roads.

This prevented me from leaving the park on my scheduled day and heading into Jackson Hole WY. I will talk more about this fire in future posts.

These images were shot in the evening of the day when the fire really blew up. It was the start to very smokey and very dramatic conditions. More on this fire later...

Don't forget to check out the Skywatch Blog and see great skies from around the world.

Have a great day!





Gwendolyn said...

This set of pics really evokes a lot of intense emotions. The last one really grabed at my heart. Thanks for sharing. Glad to know you are safe. Looking foward to hearing about this experience.

Chuck said...

Love shot number 3!

Barry Armer said...

Beautiful dramatic shots Brian!

Hope you have better luck with logistics on the remainder of your trip!


Tammie Lee said...

you sure have a gift with capturing gorgeous drama in nature. I also got stuck by this fire last week. I was heading north. In the morning they opened that east road for a few hours and I got to pass, through the smoke and continue my journey. Wishing you a wonderful trip.

Sylvia K said...

First of all, Brian, let me say that I'm glad you're safe! These captures are incredible, magnificent, dramatic -- there aren't enough words to describe the feelings they invoke!

Take care,


Bryan Allen said...

Awesome site and equally amazing captures. Thanks BB!

Judy said...

These are some powerful images! Number three is my favourite, too! But then you start to think about the damage a fire this size could cause, and wonder at the connections between power and beauty!

Brad Myers said...

Brian, amazing photos I can't wait to hear the stories and find out what you shot. I wish I was along but I did have a great time shooting in Elk County.

Made new friends, hiked many miles and took many photos and some good video. I even captured a fight my last morning.

Take care and have fun. See you the end of the month.

Larry J. Patrick said...

The one photo looks more like a bomb than smoke rising. The colors and the capture on all of them are extremely good.

Andreas said...

Scary. Absolutely scary. On the other hand, at first sight I mistook those billows of smoke for clouds, and that would have been even more scary :)