#558 Two "Jet" Birds In Love...


HI everyone-

Well Carolyn and Floyd's big day is only a few days away. I spoke with them yesterday and everything is running smoothly and everyone is excited for Friday to arrive.

Today's images from their engagement shoot were taken in and around Carolyn's '64 Ford Thunderbird "Jet Bird". It's a very cool car that I will feature on this blog sometime in the future.

Have a great day!




Larry J. Patrick said...

Brian, you need to explain to Floyd that this portrait represent the essence of a good marriage: the husband MUST always be in the background and slightly faded out.

Really nice composition and use of a different pose. The portrait says everything it needs to say about the moment.

Steve Schuenke said...

Really nice use of a subtle texture here, especially in connection with the vintage car. I like how it tells a story, almost like I know these people just by viewing two images. Would be interesting to hear about how you lit the image inside the car. There are catchlights, but how did you direct the light inside the vehicle? Or is it a convertible?