#566 Another Look For Dora


Hi everyone-

Today's post was shot just after we had wrapped up shooting what you saw yesterday. While we were shooting that image Josh Berardi had set up another area to shoot at. So when we were done we quickly went over to that set up and began shooting again.

I don't seem to have an image of the exact set up here But I believe it was shot with just one very large parabolic umbrella as the key light.

There was a backdrop, which was essentially a piece of fabric hung in the back ground. They picked this fabric because it complimented Dora's dress. I included a wider shot to show you how the backdrop was set up.





Doug Haass said...

No.1 seems a tad hot on her face, neck and chest. She's a little washed out including her dress. I think the background does go well with her dress.

Are you using Photoshop, Portrait Professional or something else on No.2?

No.3 Thanks for showing the setup.

Barry Armer said...

Hello Brian!

I'm starting to see a pattern here; Dora looks good now matter how you shoot her! :-)

The first one is my favorite of the two. I tend to like high key in a lot of situations.

Well done!