Hi everyone-

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Our's was very nice. We got to spend a few days with my family and a few with Tonya's.

Not often do we get to see everyone in the same four day off cycle from my job at the fire department. We got to have some great food, played some games, shot some pictures and just hung out and had a great time.

We got to check out the new kids movie Planet 51. It was pretty cool. The basic story is an "alien", a US Astronaut, invades a society on another planet.

It's a funny concept. The inhabitants of "Planet 51" are by our standards what you would think of as aliens. And they are living in a world based on 1950's USA. Then an alien, our astronaut, lands in their town.

If you have kids, it's worth checking out. Also I am really looking forward to seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox. Another animated movie that looks like it will be great.

Today's image was shot in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. I had seen this tree a few times and put it in the back of my mind to shoot in the morning. As luck would have it I was back in this area on a foggy morning and it was perfect for creating a cool image, or at least trying to.

I adjusted the exposure and then adjusted the tone a bit with one of my favorite actions. After that I added and blended 5 texture layers. What you see is the result.

Have a great day!



Doug Haass said...

Awesome shot Brian. Love the direction you took on this one. The texture really does it for me.

Steve Schuenke said...

I agree, love the textures. And love the aesthetic of this shot a whole lot.

Barry Armer said...

Beautifully simple composition and great use of textures! This image ends up with a lot of depth and great tonality!

Well done!