Hi everyone-

Last month we spent a few days in the Great Smoky Mountains and though we didn't do the park justice we got to travel around a see a good portion of it. At least to get the lay of the land and get some better intel for future trips.

Even though it was not an intense photo trip I was able to come away with a few images that I really like. Today's is one of those images.

I am not sure exactly what it is about this one that makes me like it but it keeps coming back as one of my favorites. I don't even know what kind of tree this is but I really liked the red berries against the deep blue sky.



Barry Armer said...

Beautiful image Brain!

As far as I'm concerned you made this image with your excellent post-processing! My enjoyment of this image is about 20% from the camera and 80% from the post work. I especially enjoy your application of the texture.

Well done!