#582 The View From Clingmans Dome...


Hi everyone-

Today's were also shot at GSMNP in October. They are taken from the Clingmans Dome area. This is a cool spot to go as it might be the highest point in the park that you can reach easily. You drive most of the way and then walk the last half mile or so.

It is quite a walk though on a paved path pretty much uphill. The elevation gain is pretty good. I don't know what it was but judging by the people in various states of respiratory distress its a couple of hundred feet.

The area offers some great views and even though these were shot a few hours before sunset you can begin to see how this park got its name. I really enjoyed looking at the layers and layers of mountains you can see from this point.

Have a great day!




Barry Armer said...

Really nice shots Brian!

The variation in the density of the fog as you go from one range mountains to the next really gives the photos a lot of depth!

Well done!

Haney said...

Beautiful. I like the b/w best.

Bryan Allen said...

Great examples of exactly why they are called the Smokey Mountains!