#585 Taking The Step...


Hi everyone-

Today's post is somewhat of a follow up to yesterday's. This image is an example of a situation where I would previously never have gotten a shot.

I was in Yellowstone National Park on Mount Washburn watching the Arnica Fire's massive thermal column. While I was at the turn out a man pulled in on a motorcycle. I looked over and was like wow, I have got to take a photograph of this guy.

Had I not gotten over my phobia of taking images of strangers I would never have walked up to this guy. But without hesitation I approached him and struck up a conversation.

In a matter of second I found out that this guy was traveling around the area by himself on his Harley. I also found out that he lived about 45 miles from me back home in Pennsylvania.

On a side note I find it amazing the amount of people that I have met while in the National Parks that live very close to me. Several years back we hiked a trail in Glacier with a couple who back home in York walked by our house every evening but we had never met.

Situations like that have happened over and over. Its funny but if you never "talk to strangers" you would never know. Last year I met a guy who was the flagger at a construction site in Yellowstone. Turns out he'd from Hanover, PA less than 30 miles from my house.

Anyway. This guy had such a unique look and was very nice. We talked for several minutes, I took several photographs and then he was on his way wanting to get to his destination before dark.

I was pretty happy with the image having not planned it and only having a minute to pull it off. The sun had just set so I put the sunset to my back and used the sky as a giant soft box to light him. He never even got off his bike.

A few years ago this would have been someone that I never would have approached. And a great opportunity missed.

Have a great day!