#586 Blue


Hi everyone-

This past weekend we traveled to NYC for our annual Christmas trip. We had a great time but saw more people there than ever before.

Shopping to any degree was completely out of the question as some of the stores were so overloaded it bordered on dangerous.

Rockefeller was crowded to the point where you couldn't even get up to see the ice rink. The streets in any direction were blocked off and completely loaded with people.

We did eat at a few cool places. First was a place called Bubby's in Tribecca. It was very good. The second was Ted's Montana Grill which was not far off of Times Square.

I shot some pictures but I'm not sure how they came out at this point as it was a pretty busy weekend. But it inspired me to look back through some images that I shot this summer while we were in NYC.

Today's images is one of those. Have a great day!