#607 Did Someone Say Snow!?!


Hi everyone-

Well its going to snow again! The weather man is saying that starting tonight we can expect another 4 to 8 inches of snow.

As a matter of fact in North Eastern PA and NJ they are saying that the conditions will create a snowicaine with lots of snow and very strong winds.

While normally I am all for it this may have some effects on upcoming travel plans. So much so that my mom, dad, sister and nephew have changed their travel plans to leave a day early just to make sure they get out.

So today I have mixed emotions. I love the winter and snow, I don't want to miss our flights, I am looking forward to better weather, I am going to miss playing in the snow... Oh well there will be more...lol

Here is a image from Yellowstone highlighting the beauty of the snow and winter, just to remind you that it's not all bad!!