#608 Really........Your Takin' My Pitcure?


Hi everyone-

Well the snow has begun to fall, albeit light at this point. We have about an inch of new snow on the ground and it is continuing at a pretty light rate. The wind is also picking up a bit.

So I'm not sure what we'll actually get out of this one. But for those of you to the north and east of us, good luck...lol

In today's image I shot this bison coming up over a hill from the Yellowstone River in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park.

It was shot the morning after an October snowstorm moved through the area. It was very cold and pretty windy.

The wind actually worked out nice for shooting a series of "environmental portraits" of the bison crossing the area. That combined with the sun very low on the sky made it as though I set up lighting and had fans in place. Heck even the bison cooperated.

Have a great day!!