Ghost Dance...


In early 1889 a Paiute Indian named Wavoca had a vision. In this vision he received instructions to spread the word that the Indians must prepare for a time when they would be reunited with lost loved ones and friends as well as having their lands returned to them in a pristine state.

Wavoca spread his word and instructed the Indians to prepare for this day by performing the Ghost Dance. In this dance the Indians would hold hands and slowly move in a circle facing it's center. Often times those performing this dance would enter into hypnotic trances.

It was this Ghost Dance that was a factor leading up to the massacre at Wounded Knee resulting in the murder of at least 153 Lakota Sioux.

Today's image is a compilation of images that I created in honor of the Ghost Dance. The background image was taken this fall at Swan Lake in Yellowstone National Park. The dancers were taken from a photograph taken on December 25th, 1889, just four days before many of those who appear in it were murdered at Wounded Knee.


Kim said...

Another fabulous composite image Brian. You have such a special gift for creating these visions to the past. I think you should look into doing a gallery exhibit somewhere to share this collection with the public.