Barn Near Deer Lodge, MT...


Hi everyone--

Today's image was posted back in October with a Sepia tone treatment. After yesterday's post I thought this image might be interesting with a similar yet slightly different treatment.

I also decided to post this image so that I could announce that the original sepia version was selected as one of the landscape images for the annual Photography Competition of Cowboys & Indians, The Premier Magazine of the West.

It will appear in the special collectors issue, Photographing the West in March 2008 on page 180.

Here is a link to the sepia version. I would love to hear what you think of the different treatments.

Original Sepia Version


Chuck said...

I think I prefer this one to the Sepia version. Very Nice.

Nick said...

Lots of mixed reactions. I really like this version, but it seems more like a painting than a photograph. I think I like the sepia version better because it is sharper. It also seem much darker than it should given the light in the sky.

Congrats on the Magazine of the West.