Aspen Dreams...


Hi everyone--

Hope you had a great weekend. It was a slow one here which was really nice. Lot's of QT with the family.

Today's image is the first of a week of triptychs. These are images that are made up of three separate images displayed together. Often they are three parts of the same image or they can be three images that are in some way connected. Or they could be three of whatever you want them to be.

Today's image was shot back in '05 somewhere in Grand Teton National Park. I have printed this image several ways but never divided. I have not really worked with triptychs much so your feedback is more than welcome.

I decided to try some of these out after looking at the ones that Deb has been doing over at her A Passion 'n Frames blog. You can see here work by clicking on the link in my blogroll.

So I hope you like them and please, please, please, please give me your thoughts.


pnfphotography said...

Oh I Love the softness of this and the fact I feel I could reach out and touch the trees. I just love what you did. I like how you raised each image up as if it was lifting off the page. I really like this!!!! Thank you for the special mention it is fun fun fun to be working on the same kinds of projects at the same time. We each have our own version and fun seeing yours! I can not wait to see what you come up with for the week!!!! Awesome

Nick said...

This works real well for me. I've always like these type of aspen images. I do like the triptych presentation.

John Barclay said...

I very nice creation Brian. I am a big fan of the triptych and this one is very well done. I too like the softness and how can you go wrong with Aspens... Very nice!