Hi everyone--

Today's image is similar to one from a few weeks ago however it is a different image with a bit of a different treatment.

This image was shot for a senior portrait. We shot it as well as quite a few others at an abandoned home along a dirt road somewhere between Choteau and Dutton, Montana.

The lighting was very cooperative as we had a lot of large fair weather clouds moving by with direct sun and soft sun behind the clouds light changing fairly often.

We used a small silver reflector in this image to bring a little bit of light back while the sun was behind a cloud. We were on the opposite side of the house from the sun so when it went behind a cloud we got a fair amount of shade. The reflector helped that out just a bit. I would have rather used a large white reflector but since we did not have one we made due with good results.


Nick said...

So do you go all the way to Montana to do senior pictures.

pnfphotography said...

I like that you share what you did and I do like this post work. Montana is a beautiful area for sure and their women are pretty too!!!

Brian Bastinelli said...


I'll go anywhere if the price is right..lol

This is my cousin who hit me up while I was there for my fall photo trip.

Heather Lindgren said...

wow..this version of the picture is amazing!! why couldnt we have this when i was a senior and used this as a senior pic? haha...jk..i definately love it though! :)