Pilgrim Creek


This image was shot in '06 along Pilgrim Creek in Grand Tetons National Park.

It was shot from in the creek and upside down. I couldn't get the angle that I wanted any other way so I placed the tripod in the creek and then inverted the center column of the tripod and thus the camera.

It was about an inch or two off the top of the water. I bracketed pretty heavily to ensure I got a good exposure and I set the focus manually.

I don't think it turned out to bad for never looking through the view finder and shooting upside down in a creek.


pnfphotography said...

very creative and clever I never thought about shooting something upside down - I think one of the first times I heard of that was during a film about fire shot by Howard that he shot the flames upside down. Very nice outcome I think not to mention the color!!!

Nick said...

Great colors in those rocks.