'After' Glow...


Hi all-

Continuing through the Southwest today's image was shot in Monument Valley. This is one of my most favorite spots to visit. I called this image After Glow as a take off of the term Alpen Glow so often heard in photography circles.

I like to call it the After Glow because it is the reward you get for sticking around 'after' all the hoopla of the setting sun has passed. Good things come to those who wait. So after the light begins to darken, after the crouds have packed up thier chairs, tripods and equipment, and even after you think you should leave, you are rewarded.

For this is one of those places where you can go and mother nature knocks you back down to size.

There is something here that speaks to me. It might be the sandstone formations that have endured through time or possibly the native peoples who have inhabited this part of the word for centuries. They have both past the test of time.

Throughout time they have adapted to change, been eroded by the elements and forces beyond their control but they continue to stand up proudly against what ever comes their way.

Both the people of the this beautiful spot and the land its self teach many lessons that if you just stand and listen will be whispered into your ear as the warm breeze passes by.


Nick said...

Fantastic. Love the foreground and the movement to the background.

Rosy said...

I can sit here and just look at this picture for hours I know I can for sure!!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful part of USA.

pnfphotography said...

just beautiful !

Ted Byrne said...

Can't believe I want more from this image but....

If you could just light up the greens in the foreground foliage and tree, it'd bring a sparkle to it that would finish my satisfaction with a stunning capture.