Morning Light and the Light of My Life...


Hi everyone-

Today's first image was shot about 15 minutes before sunrise. There wasn't much action in the sky as far as clouds so I decided the best way to make this series of images a bit more interesting was to add a little photoshop work to them. Along with some color and perspective adjustments, I added some a few layers of textures.

I have a ton of images of Cree having fun while visiting Florida so I figured that I should start posting a few of them here and there.
The first image was shot at the pool. Cree is floating on a paddle board. I think I looks like she is trying out for Baywatch, making sure everyone in the pool is safe.

As many of you know I love shooting images with the Lensbaby lenses. So most of the images I shot of Cree on this trip were with the Lensbaby 2.0. Any day now I will have the new Lensbaby 3G. I can not wait to start shooting images with that lens. As soon as I get it and get shooting you will know!

This last image was shot from in the pool while Cree was deciding if she wanted to get back in or not. Back and forth she walked. Mostly trying to avoid capture, from both her mom and the camera!


pnfphotography said...

I like the work your doing with the lens baby and your texture work is awesome too. Very fun and very nice!!! addictive too huh...

Nick said...

I think you have gone a little too far with this one.

Marti said...

Hi Brian,

I'm loving your images with the textured background. And, Cree is absolutely adorable!!!

Ted Byrne said...

Hmmmm.... I agree with everyone here, including Nick. Now how can an image be awesome and a little too far? Damned if I know but I both reeeeeely like your bridge, yet I'm distracted by the processing... which ironically I like a lot. Perhaps it is too saturated? Or maybe you are suffering from just s tad too much design?
There is a kind of dysfunction I think we share... A tendency to look for exactly what we mean in an image and go just a bit beyond it. Over design. Maybe if you brought the saturation back about twenty percent? Not sure... but yeah... Nick has a point and so does PNF. Weeeerd.... but you've got me thinking... Thinking s a very good thing.

Thanks Brian.