The Pier At Ft. Myers Beach...


Hi all-

Sorry for not posting Monday but I did not have a functioning Internet connection. My wife says it did me good but I am unsure of what to do when I can't get on the net.

What a sad day, arriving home from FL, not feeling to well, going from 80's and sun to 50's and rain. It was amazing, I really had no problems related to my asthma on the trip and within two hours of returning to this weather it was in full swing. Mucus, Phloem and endless coughing. Someday I hope this will be under control because I don't see moving as an option high on the list.

So...with that said, here is today's post. This image was shot just prior to sunrise under the pier at Ft. Myers Beach, FL.

I had been looking at Craig Tanner's fantastic set of images, he shot at a pier in Texas, all last week. So I had been inspired to visit this pier. But I didn't want to shoot a series of images that tried to look like a poor attempt at copying what he had done.

But piers are tough to shoot in a way that is really different. Although they are all different they are all pretty much the same. So lighting, atmosphere, additional subjects or components to the image and post processing all play a huge factor in creating an image of something that is shot over and over and making it look fresh.

I hope that I was able to do that here. I have some additional pier images that you might see in the future but this was my favorite. Looking forward to your feedback.


pnfphotography said...

I like the color in this really makes it pop with some mood. Pier work is always fun to see I must try some if I find a pier in the area of calif I am going to. I enjoy your work a great deal.