At Last...


Hi everyone-

We finally arrived in Choteau, Montana at about 5:30 on Saturday night. The day wasn't bad. Since we didn't have far to go and we had some extra time, because other people in our parties plane was delayed, we made several stops and just took our time.

We stopped in Bozeman for lunch, some shopping and a stroll through downtown. It was a lot of fun. I really like that town.

On Friday we drove from Onowa, IA to Sheridan, Wyoming. Because we had gotten in early the night before we got a good nights sleep and were able to leave early, so again it allowed us to pretty much set our own pace and stop where we wanted to.

Along the way we came across the interesting scene from the image above. Along I-90 there are several interesting things to see. This is one of them. After driving for hours you when you look over and see this for the first time you definitely do a double take.

We also had enough time to take a tour through Badlands National Park. Cree really loved it. We climbed all over the place and even to some places where mom was a bit uncomfortable, but our little adventure girl was lovin' life. But after two days in the car I probably could have taken her anywhere and had a similar reaction.

Today we have just kinda taken it easy, everyone is here now and we're going to have a cook out. The weather is great, it's about 88 and sunny and again.....NO HUMIDITY!!!!

Tomorrow I am going to head out in the morning for my first day of landscape photography. I am hoping for a nice sunrise and maybe some wildflowers. I'll let you know how make out.

Have a great day!


Nick said...

Jurassic Park!

pnfphotography said...

plain old fun...delightful....