What, No Internet !?!


Hi everyone-

I know I'm a bit behind here for those of you tracking my trip. We have had some Internet access issues the last several days. Today's post comes courtesy of the Choteau Public Library. But the Internet should be set up at the house sometime over the next few days.

The trip is going well, the weather has been mostly cooperative with a bit of rain here and there. Today and tomorrow though we are to be pushing 90-92 degrees. Again, not terrible because it's not humid but it's still 90's.

We have pretty much hung around Choteau with the exception of yesterday when we spent the day in Glacier National Park. We took my little cousins and Cree up for the day and had a great time, even tough it rained half the day.

The images above this text were shot in and around Choteau this week. There are a lot of wheat fields in the area which can sometimes make for an interesting subject. And of course the kids playing in and around their little pool is always fun.

Here area a few images that I have shot over the last few days. These are from Glacier where the conditions were very different from past summers. The weather was cool and rainy and there was so much more snow than usual. The snow is left over from record snowfalls this winter. It is slowly melting but should help a bit in the preservation of the fast melting glaciers.

Also different from other summers was the number of animals we saw in a days trip. We started off with a black bear and cub(s) soon after we entered the park and continued with a full day of deer, mountain goats and bighorn sheep.

Hope you enjoy! Have a great 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!



Q's Pics said...

Hey brian, Your latest photos are so amazing. There some of the best photos I have seen so far.

Bradley Myers said...

Brian, when was the last time I said I didn't like you. Where was the wildlife when we were there?

Brian Bastinelli said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the images!

Hopefully there will be more where those came from when we hit YNP and GTNP.

Brad, you know you like me. I'm not sure what to tell you about the whereabouts of the wildlife on that trip.

But it was everywhere this time...

Have a great day!

pnfphotography said...

these are fabulous I could see you creating a triptych with these...