Happy Independence Day!!! (a day late...)


Hi everyone-

Hope you all had a great Independence Day!!

We spent ours with family in Choteau, Montana. As always it was a fantastic celebration. It's hard for me to put into words how much I love Choteau on the 4th.

There is no place else that I'd rather spend this holiday. The people of Choteau have not forgotten what this holiday is about and they celebrate it in true American style.

We started the day by watching our cousin Ronnie run in the 5k race, then it was back to the house to watch the parade. After the parade we headed to my Auntie Marie's house for a pre-rodeo picnic.

After stuffing our faces and catching up with family we hit the rodeo which was great. It ended just in time for us to get home and avoid getting caught in a pretty severe thunderstorm. But it was all cleared up for a great 'Big Sky' sunset and then a super fireworks display.

Well I have really got to get to bed, were getting up early to head to Yellowstone in the am (today, if your reading this on the 5th).

We should have decent Internet coverage there, so the updates should come daily.

Have a great weekend!


Jan Klier said...

Really like both composition and post processing on these shots. Great work.

pnfphotography said...

Yee haw ...great action shots !!! You know I would love these even though I am not a rodeo girl.