Hi everyone-

We arrived in West Yelowstone this afternoon and immediately headed into the park. We made a few stops including an early dinner at the Canyon lunch counter. We didn't stay anywhere too long though as our goal was Mt. Washburn and on to the Lamar Valley.

As usual the park didn't dissapoint. We saw two black bear, one with a cub, a bald eagle, elk, pronghorn, deer, cyotes, and a moose. We could have seen some wolves as well but we did not stop as they were across the valley quite a distance.

The wildflowers are so abundant that when you walk through the meadows the fragrance is unbelieveable. Cree enjoyed walking amoungst the flowers.

She also loved the bear cub in the tree as well as it's mother. She asked several times if she could go say hi. We haven't quite got through to her on the difference between the stuffed and real bears.

Tomorrow we have a full day in the park and my mom and dad are comming to join us in the afternoon. We are really looking forward to exploring more!

Have a great day!